Marvin A. Smith, choreographer,
show director and creative consultant,

is a true International Professional, in every sense of the word. Born and raised in Southern Californa, Smith received most his dance education and experience in the two toughest training grounds in the world, Los Angeles and New York City. He proved to be of successful stock as he worked his way through the entertainment industry.

As a dancer Marvin obtained various television & film credits such as the Arsenio Hall Show, the Billboard Awards, Beverly Hills 90210 and the MTV Music Awards to name a few. His film credits include Malcom X starring Academy Award winner Denzel Washington and The Bodyguard staring pop diva Whitney Houston. He was seen on world tours with recording artists like C&C Music Factory or supporting En Vogue or megastar Michael jackson create their picture perfect live performance, and finally as International choreographer and master teacher.

Since his arrival in Europe, Marvin has taken the commercial industry by storm, bring the excitement, glamour, and performance quality of Hollywood and Broadway to stages, screens, music videos and cat-walks all over Europe. Smith has been called upon to work with Europe’s leading companies, theaters and recording artist alike. The updated version of West Side Story at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus earned Smith a state award nomination for his outstanding choreography in a theater musical. Magdalena Breszka a 1996 Olympiad in rhythmic gymnastics was pleased to collaborate with Smith to create a flexibly stylish performance. Calvin Klein, Armani, Levi, Mercedes are just a few names who call upon Smith.

He is involved in every aspect of putting a show together, from casting and choreography to styling and costumes to stage sets to direction and production. His input is highly valuable to creating a complete look and dynamic that will enhance any performance and communicate the message you want to put fourth. As he is frequently working and travelling between the States and Europe his close connections and experience with both industries means he can produce the newest, freshest ideas and styles. Marvin doesn’t just know the trends. He helps set them.